We enable companies to learn from online customer reviews.

See what consumers talk about when reviewing products

Smartphones, coffee beans, facial cream or detergent: No matter which product categories you want to analyze, MARA automatically identifies the language used by consumers, specifically for this product category. For example, our algorithm identifies the battery life as a relevant product attribute for smartphones and smell for coffee beans.

See what is most important to consumers

MARA reveals the most important product attributes from the consumer’s perspective. Our algorithm uses the reviews of all products in the category analyzed and computes how much of an impact the satisfaction with individual product attributes has on the overall satisfaction. MARA uncovers these attributes, tracks them over time and constantly monitors the category for emerging attributes. 

Compare product performance on the attribute level

We quantitatively measure the performance of each product with regard to the attributes identified. We also provide reviews in which the attributes are rated positively or negatively so that you can see exactly where products are doing great and where not. This allows a deep dive into the strengths and weaknesses of the products. Our data also allows you to compare several products at the attribute level and see how they are perceived by consumers.

Key benefits

Faster insights for more products and categories with less effort.

Fast & Effortless

No preconditions, except for enough data

Fast & Effortless

Immediate results with minimal manual input and no need for technical knowledge regarding crawling, natural language processing or machine learning

Exploratory & Continuous

Let MARA do the work

Exploratory & Continuous

No need to tell MARA what to look for (i.e. provide key words), our algorithm tells you which topics are important – and keeps track of them over time

Scalable & Flexible

Scope of analyses doesn’t matter

Scalable & Flexible

Analyze as many data sources, product categories, products, and reviews as you wish (as opposed to read them all)

Meet the Team

Ingo Lange

Product & Tech

I am a data scientist with degrees in mathematics and economics. After working with McKinsey clients from different industries in the field of machine learning, I am looking forward to new challenges at MARA.


Dr. Maximilian Lüders

Business & Operations

I studied online information behavior in my PhD in B2B marketing at KIT, after gaining some consulting experience at Homburg & Partner. At MARA, I will focus on solving our customers’ problems. I am looking forward to working with you!


Dr. Tobias Roelen-Blasberg

Product & Tech

I am a data scientist with experience in software development and consulting. Before founding MARA, I worked at McKinsey as a data science consultant and in the Innovation Center Network of SAP.

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