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Customer Experience Tracking from Reviews

Let MARA read all of your customer feedback instead of only reading some of it yourself.

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No work for you.

We do everything from gathering the relevant review data to making the results available in our dashboard.

MARA gathers review data

We collect the review data relevant to you. This could be reviews for your and your competitors products or locations.

Automated review analysis

Our algorithms identify the most important attributes from the reviews and how consumers write about them.

Receive category report

You can then see, how you and your competitors are doing. We quantify every market participants attribute performance.

Category tracking

MARA gathers and analyzes new review data every month and you get updates on trends and developments in your categories.

Why us?

There are many reasons why you should use MARA. Here are some of the most important.

Based on academic research

Scientifically sound

We are building on extensive scientific research of our co-founder Tobias. This ensures methodologically sound and high quality results.

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Highly customized

Analyze everythingdetergentlawn mowerssupermarket reviewstooth pastevaccuum cleanerscoffeeonline shop reviews

Our algorithm gets it. MARA detects the product and service attributes relevant in exactly your categories.

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Great people

Working with us is nice

Our team consists of extremely bright and nice people who we are proud to have on board. Come work with them.

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Don’t take our word.

Looking for effortless and actionable insights? Join us.

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